My Guardian 孫振潭 [孫振潭+++He's" officially Guardian of me " Chinese called "監護人" when I was sent to orphanage "華興育幼院", he ordered his personal loyalty 王丕俊 and 周長根 to send me back and forth every where, that how come I ended up to live along with him and his kids after I left "華興育幼院" behind. There's no way I could find their 小額信貸house without himself or his personal loyalty to led me there+++ ] 孫振潭 was the head of "基隆八堵鋼鐵廠", it said that his first wife died in Mainland during laboring, then he remarried to 張淑範, toget 澎湖民宿her they had 3 kids-2 sons, 1 daughter. I remember when I was living along with them 張淑範 already died, there's a maid taking care the house work. I remember when I was still in "華興育幼院", one of "華興育幼院" school mate "Wang.Zhi.Land" told me that there's a college professor co 烤肉uple liked to adopted me, I noded to her, but she got no further action; then after I lived in 孫振潭 house along with his 3 kids, there's a very young man looked like my generation name "Yao.9.Lone" came to talk to 孫振潭 trying to take care me, I did not understand what they were talking about, now I looked back, realized 膠原蛋白 that "Yao.9.Lone" must talking about to place me in his parents home instead of burden 孫振潭  house maid, 孫振潭 refused, I did not know why, but I look back, I agree 孫振潭 indeed did a better decision for me, because I did see "Yao.9.Lone" parents, 孫振潭's certainly much more mankind (However, he refused "Yao.9.Lone" requirement m 酒店工作ajorly based on his selfish evil mind, his marriage treason crime <First, he did not divorce to his first wife before she died on laboring, he should have no right to re-married in any way; secondly, he already experienced his first wife died on labouring, he should not burdened his much younger second with three kids to watch her died exhaustedly; why he committed 房屋買賣crimes like that? The most likely reason must be that's the plot he used to kill them invisibly like JungShiauLin did to me. Marriage treason@@That how USA current head 0bama should be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later, because 0bama committed marriage treason crimes worse than 孫振潭, because 孫振潭 was cowardly forced to married to 張淑範 as per the letter 張淑範 left beh 保濕面膜ind showing up to her daughter "孫.Sin" eyed, and 孫振潭 did not force 張淑範 to give birth, and 孫振潭 did make 張淑範 to do her duty to take care her own kids by herself to make sure she not commit treason crime to her own kids. That USA current head has committed marriage treason crimes worst than any man in this earth ever committed, he not only burden his wife with kids to make her committed treason crime to he 烤肉r own kids, he further used his White House to make her wife to committed treason crime to left her school duty behind, he further abused his White House power to make every USA law makers and his entire Fed public workers committed treason crime to finished USA entirely. @@ cannot have right eyes to see things right, that how both 孫振潭 and JungShiauLin got wrong with me, 孫振潭 evil minded me, JungShiauLin over looked me down.>can 系統傢俱 speak for his crimes, because once he gave up his right to be my Guardian, he must have to give up every title he already owned, because a man cannot be trustable to be the guardian of a parentless teenager, must mean he cannot be trustable to work for anyone, not mention to be any formed group head. ) than "Yao.9.Lone" parents.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 代償  .
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