Chinese state media hails ties with Washington... * Chinese state media hails ties with Washington... * You need to learn lesson from USA. Do not allow anyone of your slave to go to any other place to suck, you go to other place can only do the duty to kill, then be killed. 0therwise, you must have to die more miserably than any those sucked by you not if but when. USA went to other place to kill in the WWI WWII made them deserved be the super power, yet, the 居酒屋y allowed their sucking politicians, their sucking white trash running around the world, they have to die miserably if their politicians can not have the honest guts to do what I told them to do. You see the "Mar.John" I played in Yahoo game, I did not know their rule, therefore, I just play the best will to fit the highest standard to make sure that I don't offend any good player. The last two I had to choose, one is "Red 中" 花蓮民宿 another "5.Tyao", It was "Chin.1.Sir" plus the word "南"; I hesitated, then given up "Red 中" instead of "5.Tyao". It is USA only option to nuclear Red China or "5.Tyao.Jane.Toll.Sean".Because USA is the leader of the free world, anything wrong must be the leader's suck, they cannot have the right to blame Taiwan that under their US Congress special eyes watch, they cannot blame any evil Chinese who has no public formed force or authority or pow 裝潢 er, they cannot blame you Red China, it was USA President and USA law makers to opened Red China gate, however, USA can still have the right to nuclear Red China, because Red China state media hailed USA just not long ago (Wednesday December 31, 2008 19:17:44 Chinese state media hails ties with Washington... *, it provides USA the right to nuclear you, because USA is not your Leader, therefore, USA can kill you no matter you are its friend or 酒店工作ass kisser along with all Mainland Chinese [Mainland Chinese has no way to be Democratic, because they cannot talk honestly like the real Taiwanese 指.Sun.Mar.Why" ###You cannot have the good will to make plain talk straightfully, your only option must be either jump into "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" pool like Angus Tung, or voiceless to be the sniper to do the duty to kill like "JungShiauLin" supposed trained to do. That may explain how come JungShiauLin could not keep his supposed voiceless silent nice after he contacted touche 信用卡代償d with Red China slaves, because his first language is "Curse.Jacket.What" instead of Taiwanese or Mandarin. You have to speak Mandarin @@Because only Mandarin can grow mankind***Why mankind matters? Because you have no way to know the evilest from the good better best, therefore, you have to be mankind to deserve God bless you good luck; you have no way to win evil doers by copy cat their evilness or following low lower lowest*** tall enough to have the good will and strength to demand self score Chinese said "Yan.1.律 .G. 褐藻醣膠 Kwon.1.Die.Ren" point, you are the leader who has the public formed power, you have no right to expect your coward, sick, weak, wicked dare offend you with plain talk like that stupid "too moron" did or does like Chinese said "童.Yan.5.G.". That how "Lee.Done.Wheel" and "Chen.Sway.Ben" must deserve to be killed and go to hells rather sooner than later because they both failed to be the leader to have the good will and strength to have ears and eyes to those coward "Y.省 .Ren" who must have to rely on "指.Sun.Mar.Why" to hide their cow 關鍵字廣告ardness to express their good will to speak out.@@ only, because Taiwanese must have no way to deal with any Mainland Chinese "Fun.Yan" no matter it is "Ten.Jean.What" "Bay.Jean.What" "Curse.Jacket.What" "Gwon.Dong.What" .....etc.### crime, must not be real Taiwanese, because real Taiwanese who speaks Taiwanese as first language must have now way talk like evil Chinese the “指.Sun.Mar.Why“ way, that may explain how come I am different from all my classmates in "What.Sin.Yu.Yo.Yuan", because my first language is Taiwanese, therefore, in my entire 澎湖民宿 life, I already not ever sinisterly "指.Sun.Mar.Why" anyone.>, they cannot like really evil Chinese who has the best strength learned how to read and write the good Traditional words disciplined with the most unshakable patience that Democratic official and politicians must have to have that integrity .]because they are all Red China slaves. USA cannot kill RUSSIA, because USSR already gone with wind, Russia is the youngest democratic baby(That why you Red China must not be allowed to contact Republic of China, you allowed your slaves[國旗碰到五星旗,瞬間變成?房屋買賣鴃H; 張銘清當真智障到不知為何被打?; ] to cross Taiwan Strait to sucked in Taiwan, already deserved US Congress to order USA military force to nuclear Mainland China and kill all your slaves gone with wind.). Your only option is to show all your good will and strength "4.馬.Down.Whore.馬.1" like Chinese said "置之死地.Are.Hold.生 " to kill instead of Yell not mention hails . .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋貸款  .
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