What difference between make love and the sex of "Ren.Myan.Shore.Sin"? What difference between make love and the sex of "Ren.Myan.Shore.Sin"? "Ren.Myan.Shore.Sin" is man to have sex driven by the sex desire like all wild animal because of sex hungry in order to do the duty to give birth (That how Japanese woman does her best to keep her back bottom looked like horse [That how any woman dare show her "翹 seo.Peel.Goods" in front of any man's eyes, she must make sure that she can have best will ready for any man rape her to show his real "Shore.Sin", and kill her immediately after he found out she's too distastful to free him out of that "Shore.Sin" drive] ready to provide any "Ren.Myan.Shore.Sin" man to have her best will sex, s 住商房屋o that she can give birth of that strongest best forceful good will slave to serve her Master. That how Japane can grow up best will best strength bravest Samurai; Japan can afford to have that forceful slaved Samurai team, yet USA cannot afford to have black slave, because Japanese slaved Samurai team only does the duty to kill and be killed [Kill a 太平洋房屋nd be killed under open sky can free every one that kill and be killed at that last moment of Earth life, therefore, all slavery mind gone in a flash at that last most important point that Chinese said "從.Chain.種種.Peel.Rule.Jean.日.4. 1.Hold.種種.Peel.Rule.Jean.日生"; that how the wild can keep life going on stronger and stronger through that "弱.Role.強.10" food chain circl 婚禮顧問ed rule.], while USA slaved black slaves are forced to kill wild to make man made produce for lifeless money sell and buy.) to feed stronger form stomach that Chinese said "弱.Role.強.10" (That how Bible does not deny Jesus birth out of real "Ren.Myan.Shore.Sin" through a real good old Horse, that how Jesus can do better than anyone else in his time because his born by a real "Loud.Mar.10.Tool" 酒店兼職that Bible in the Chinese vision recorded his voice meaningfully - "Wall.10.Dow.Look.真. Lead.生命 若.Boot.Jay.著.Wall. May.Yo.Ren.None.Dow.Fool.Not.Lead.去"; that how Jesus did not killed under King's best team search, because he's too strong to be recognized as a new born baby; that how Jesus could speak in front of a crowded church better than any educated man, because he's born by a real good 宜蘭民宿 old horse mom learned every thing beself. That how every USA President must have to sworn in with his hand on Bible, to show that most powerful man in this Earth must have to do the duty [Not to allow anyone who knows how to read and write to give birth; because those who don't know how to read and write, can have Mother natural best sex sense to control the population naturally; those good who know how to read and write would eventuall 設計裝潢y know not to leave his own blood behind, therefore, anyone who knows how to read and write can have that shameless to give birth, must all too stupid bad ugly evil to deserve a life; that how USA President must not be allowed to have kid or child, so that he can be good enough to know how to do the mankind duty to kill every one who knows how to read and write dare shamelessly giving birth to leave his sucking blood behind. ] to guard the civil right fo 酒店經紀r every life born naturally in this land, no matter it is a weed or it is a tree; born by sucking white trash, or born by a real good horse.) ; "make love" is a man really fall in love with that woman to have sex with her in order to have her to love him back that Chinese said "Curse.Goods.Mean.Sin"; that how you may hear man askes man if that woman is his "菜" instead of "飯", because you eat "飯" because of hungry, your favor "菜" must because of love 土地買賣. That how a man really fall in love with a woman, he must not ever burden that woman with that heaviest duty of mom. That how man or/and woman who knows how to read and write, must not be allowed to give birth; because only "Ren.Myan.shore.Sin" can have right to give birth; you know how to read and write, you must not be allowed to commit that "Ren.Myan.Shore.Sin" crime.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 買房子  .


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